Awarding ISO 9001:2015 certificate to the Ministry of Construction and Housing of Kurdistan Region

By: Matav Ardalan


Expert Serv Company - Iraq  was very honored to hold the ceremony for the awarding of the ISO 9001:2015 certificate, to the ministry of construction and housing IRAQ , Kurdistan Region with the attendance of the Minister of Construction and Housing. 

The minister insured that The ministry has implemented a quality management system in which all processes and procedures have been carefully designed and quality-tested according to international standards.

Smart Expert Co - Iraq insured that procedure confirms that our quality assurance maintains the highest standards. It is a promise to our customers that we will work unceasingly to become better. 

Smart Expert Co - Iraq is one of leading consultations compaines in preparing & getting ISO certified, the service that the consultants provide not only get you certified but also a real benefit for their business.